Good Friday

Once again, I was a video producer. With some input on spiffing up positioning and lighting from our Communications Coordinator (who has a degree in film), I recorded a Good Friday meditation (it required about four takes), trimmed the ends, uploaded it to Vimeo, and sent Hannah the link to take it from there. Brenda and I celebrated the proper liturgy of the day at noon. With a congregation of one in addition to the presider, we accomplished all four sections in 48 minutes, certainly a record in my experience–and this included the entirety of Hymn 166 for the Veneration of the Cross. Our domestic oratory is starting to feel prayed-in. I was then in the mood to make hot cross buns, but discovered we’re out of yeast, so I made a (gluten-free, sugar-free) chocolate cake instead. Did some reading, Coaxed a homiletical message statement out of my exegetical notes for Easter IV. Prayed both morning and evening offices.

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