Friday (William White)

  • Out of the house on the early side (leaving tile grouters and tree surgeons already at work), because I at an appointment right at 9:00.
  • Morning Prayer in the office.
  • Met wit Br Kirt Gerber and his (both biological and religious) Brother Ned Gerber, members of an Anglican Benedictine community with houses in both the U.S. and Australia on a couple of specific concerns of theirs.
  • At 9:30, I had to take a hiatus from the meeting in order to make a scheduled phone call to Carrie Headington, evangelism officer for the Diocese of Dallas, and presenter at a parish mission workshop we’re having here in Springfield in September–styled “Moving Into the Neighborhood.”
  • Being an introvert, I am vulnerable to intense meetings and phone conversations. They wear me out. So, since I’m already in I-need-a-vacation mode, I had to blow off some time doing something mentally unchallenging–in this case, reading social media comments on my pastoral letter on marriage. I have a thick skin.
  • Attended to a couple of smallish (but, as always, important) Nashotah-related tasks.
  • Got to work on a third one–not small–namely, writing a routine article for the Michaelmas issue of Nashotah’s beautiful magazine, The Missioner.
  • Lunch from McD’s, eaten at home.
  • Finished my Missioner article.
  • Realized that I’m mentally and emotionally running on close to empty. It was not a particularly efficient afternoon. Easily distractible.
  • Did some planning of details pertaining to the November clergy conference.
  • Performed a routine periodic audit of the general implementation of our diocesan mission strategy. Things are happening slowly, but they are happening well. I’m excited about the September workshop, the November clergy conference, and the parishes undertaking Renewal Works this fall.
  • Prayed the Luminous Mysteries of the rosary in the cathedral, followed by Evening Prayer.
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