Friday (St Willibrord)

Met the Archdeacon at the office at 9am, and headed east and south toward Effingham. Publicly pronounced a sentence of secularization (yes, that’s the formal language) upon St Laurence’s Church shortly after 11, with the four people who were members until the bitter end present. The liturgy, while somber and brief, is actually quite pastorally sensitive. Then, the Archdeacon and I, after lunch in a taqueria, met the buyer of the property at an escrow office and closed the deal. Came away with a large check made out to “Daniel H. Martins.” Could have thrown quite a party, but I think we’ll put it toward eventually replanting in Effingham. Back at the office around 3:30. There were enough emails waiting for me to consume my attention for the rest of the afternoon. Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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