Friday (St Vincent de Paul)

  • Out the door and headed southbound at 0530.
  • Kept an 0800 breakfast appointment with Fr Halt in Bloomington. We discussed a broad range of issues.
  • At the (otherwise empty) office around 1030. Spotted Fr Wells’ vehicle and went into the cathedral office to have a few words with him.
  • Got my computer plugged in, cleaned off my desk a bit, and otherwise got myself organized, task-wise.
  • Stepped out at 1115 to keep an 1130 lunch appoint in-lieu-0f-an-Ember-Day-letter with one of our postulants. This included a quite rich theological discussion of Origen of Alexandria, one of the early church fathers.
  • Headed down the street from there to the blood bank, where I had an appointment to donate red cells. It actually happened this time, as my hemoglobin level was not compromised, as it was the last time I tried.
  • Drove the YFNBmobile down to Green Mazda for some scheduled maintenance. Caught an Uber back to the office.
  • Met with another of our postulants for nearly two hours in one of a series of tutorial sessions in liturgics.
  • Prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary in the cathedral, followed by Evening Prayer.
  • Grabbed a dinner of chicken wings and broccoli in the Dirksen Parkway corridor. Headed back to the barn for an early bedtime. This introvert is maxed out.
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