Friday (St Lucy)

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Took a phone call from a priest ordained in another tradition seeking to have his orders received by and to exercise ministry in the Episcopal Church.
  • Fattened up what is now a full rough draft of a homily for Advent IV–December 22 at St John’s, Centralia.
  • Pushed an email exchange a little further down the rails toward a theological study of marriage and sexuality that will complement the one currently being prepared by a team created by a General Convention resolution and whose work is probably quite predictable in its conclusions.
  • Did some administrative and pastoral work by email with a Eucharistic Community that is in leadership transition.
  • Attended (again, by email) to some business wearing my hat as a board member of Forward Movement.
  • Corresponded with a priest of the diocese over some aspects of my January visit to his parish.
  • Lunch at home (frozen pizza).
  • Back to email, this time in response to someone from outside the diocese who wants to explore entering discernment for Holy Orders in the Diocese of Springfield.
  • Spoke by phone with a potential candidate for one of our clergy vacancies.
  • Did exegetical work on the gospel reading for the Second Sunday after the Epiphany (January 19 at Christ Church, Springfield).
  • Watching the snow begin to pile up, I went home at 4pm.
  • Ignatian meditation (on the daily office gospel for the day) and Evening Prayer in my study at home.
  • Did some broad stroke planning of sermon preparation tasks for all of 2014 and into 2015.
  • Cleaned out the remainder of my email inbox.
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