Friday (St Louis)

  • Per doctor’s orders, slept in a bit. Planned tasks. Got the the office/cathedral complex around 9:30. Feeling much better.
  • Devotions and Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Responded to a couple of late-arriving emails.
  • Conferred with the Administrator and the Communicator over some administrative issues.
  • Dealt by email with an emerging administrative issue in one of our parishes.
  • Got enticed into substantive (and time-consuming) participation in an online discussion thread among authors of the Covenant blog. (Part of my vow to “take [my] share in the councils of the church,” right?)
  • Carefully read and commented on a draft agreement to, under our canons, create a Geographic Parish including two of our Eucharistic Communities.
  • Responded by email to a query from one of our clergy about attitudes toward Lutheran orders.
  • Got lunch from El Ranchero Taco joint, a new place that has the footprint of a taco truck but is actually in a small T-building on South Grand just east of Second. Ate at home. Really good.
  • Took a phone call from one of our rectors about licensing a lay preacher. Followed up a bit with staff.
  • Responded to some late-arriving emails pertaining to stuff I’ve already worked on today.
  • Got into the exegetical weeds with the gospel reading for Proper 23 (to be preached on at St Matthew’s, Bloomington on the weekend of Synod in October), with the help of four commentaries (which tended not to agree with one another). I really enjoy this sort of thing, and it helps me preach better, but it’s time-consuming.
  • Prayed the Luminous Mysteries of the rosary in the cathedral, followed by Evening Prayer on the early side.
  • Got to work fleshing out the rough outline of my next-due post for the Covenant blog. Left at 5:45 with the task still incomplete. Finished it at home after supper.
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