Friday (St Julian of Norwich)

The highlights (and some of the midlights):

  • Attended the regular semi-annual meeting of the diocesan trustees via Zoom. Relative to the recent performance of financial markets overall, we’re in pretty good shape. Our investment managers are doing a good job.
  • Edited, refined, formatted, recorded, edited, uploaded, and shared my homily for Easter V, which I will not be delivering at Redeemer, Cairo.
  • Recorded, edited, uploaded, and shared a word of pastoral greeting to the people of Redeemer.
  • Spoke by phone with one of our clergy on an emerging issue.
  • Responded substantively by email to another priest of the diocese.
  • Friday devotion: Lectio divina on the Old Testament reading in tomorrow’s daily office lectionary.
  • Studied the governor’s phased plan for reopening the economy in Illinois and made several notes toward the project I’m working on with Canon Evans to formulate diocesan protocols for resuming public worship.
  • Read a chapter in the book I’ve promised to review for The Living Church.
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