Friday (St John of Damascus)

Big rocks:

  • Worked on editing and revising a paper I am writing with a colleague bishop, as part of an ongoing Communion Partners project.
  • Descended into the hell of customer service with Zoom regarding a billing issue. Of course, as a big tech company, Zoom is not really set up very well for this sort of thing. It was inordinately time-consuming. However, there was a surprising amount of progress.
  • Identified, approached, and secured the acceptance of a cleric to full an unexpired term on the Commission on Ministry.

Lesser rocks:

  • Dealt with the usual array of email-generated tasks requiring an array of responses.
  • Took delivery of my new iPhone (which I would rather not have had to buy, but I’m a victim of planned obsolescence), and got it set up and running.
  • Took a brisk walk on a lovely afternoon.
  • Spent a “Holy Hour” in contemplative prayer in our domestic oratory.
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