Friday (St David)

This day got eaten by technology. First on my task list was to prepare for next Wednesday’s Lenten series presentation in Bloomington. An implied part of this was to download the video of this week’s presentation from the camcorder and process it to a point where it can be uploaded onto YouTube. There’s this wonderful app called iMovie that is designed to make this easy–which it does after one has mastered the learning curve. So today was an investment in the learning curve. In the ideal world of my plans, this is something I would delegate. But I learned last night that the SD card I had mailed to our unofficial diocesan videographer got eaten by the USPS en route. Fortunately, I had downloaded it from the camera last week and uploaded to YouTube unedited, so it’s not lost. But it made me wary of putting a second SD card in the mail.

So I got it done, but that’s pretty much all I did, save for spending an enjoyable couple of hours in the afternoon with my good friend Christopher Wells, editor of The Living Church, who was passing through on his way to a dinner engagement in St Louis. I had a lot of other items on my to-do list, and I’m trying to take this in stride.

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