Friday (St David)

  • Usual weekday AM routine, which now includes a not-insignificant set of stretches and exercises prescribed by my physical therapist.
  • Attended via email to a handful of administrative chores that had piled up.
  • Took Brenda to a doctor’s  appointment. We’ve decided the Second Coming of our Lord will occur when a week goes by that one of us doesn’t access the healthcare system in any way,.
  • Attended to an ongoing issue pertaining to the app I use to store passwords. A chain of email exchanges with tech support has so far been of no avail.
  • Lunched on an Italian beef sandwich from the dive around the corner.
  • Began to load the new printer ink cartridge that I bought yesterday and saw that it was rather larger than the old one. Assumed a mistake had been made and drove to the Staples that I had walked to yesterday, only to learn that the mistake was mine. It was simply a larger capacity cartridge, which I would have discovered had I actually tried to install it.
  • Had a substantive phone conversation with a lay leader in one of our ECs.
  • Did the finish work (review, revise to make more “oral,” format, print, stow the output in my car, schedule for posting) on my homily for this Sunday (St Paul’s, Pekin).
  • Took a long and vigorous walk with Brenda.
  • Reached out by email to schedule a meeting with a group of clergy who are interested in exploring the work of “mystagogical catechesis” (the subject of the clergy retreat) in a deeper way.
  • Attended by email to some ecumenical affairs business.
  • Sat in our domestic oratory for a “holy hour” (only it wasn’t quite an actual hour), with lots of meditative focus on Psalm 131.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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