Friday (St Brigid)

  • “Slept in,” by recent standards. Woke at 7am in the downtown Doubletree. Arrived in the office around 0830, after having stopped by McD’s for a bite.
  • Long debrief with the Archdeacon over a wide range of concerns. Since we no longer see each other daily, what used to be spread out now gets concentrated under the new order of things.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral chapel (in deference to the vacuuming that was going on).
  • Longish pastoral consultation with the Dean, over yet another “range of concerns.”
  • Brief consultation with the Communicator over our database issue.
  • Processed the hard-copy items on my desk, and some late-arriving emails.
  • Consulted with the Administrator about available resources, and formulated a plan for seminarian financial aid for 2019. Emailed the affected seminarians.
  • Lunch from Pie’s the Limit (a pizza place), eaten in the office.
  • Took the YFNBmobile in for a scheduled service appointment at the Mazda dealer. Synergized by doing laps around Wal*Mart to get steps in. Hit my 10K goal for the first time in several days, an effect of the severe cold.
  • Back to the office, and then right back out to the AT&T store to solve a tech issue that had become an emergency (couldn’t get my phone to charge), I’m now the proud owner of a new charger. I had been afraid I might need a new phone.
  • Hand-wrote greetings to clergy and spouses with “nodal events” in February.
  • Did a lectio divina on the daily office OT reading for the Feast of the Presentation (tomorrow).
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Dinner at Obed & Issac’s, followed by a scrumptious organ concert at the Roman cathedral.


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