Friday (St Benedict)

  • Attended via email to a piece of Nashotah business while drinking my tea and eating my breakfast at home.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Made some personal preparations for the 10am meeting of the Standing Committee.
  • Responded to an email from a priest raising some pastoral and administrative concerns.
  • Attended the meeting of the Standing Committee, wherein most of the two hours we spent together were dedicated to their serving as of Council of Advice. We covered a wide range of issues.
  • Met for a few minutes with Gay Bryant, a vestry member of Alton Parish (and long involved in diocesan affairs) regarding some matters pertaining to the upcoming retirement of Fr David Boase.
  • Lunch from the Chinese place next to TG, the name of which I can never remember, eaten at home.
  • Packed for two nights on the road.
  • Pointed the YFNBmobile south at 2:45, ahead of a 6:30pm dinner in the Carbondale area with the to-be-installed-tomorrow rector of St Andrew’s, members of her family, members of the vestry and their spouses, and my predecessor once removed, Bishop Donal Hulstrand, tomorrow’s preacher, along with his charming wife Ann.
  • Now bedding down at the Hampton Inn, Carbondale.
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