Friday (St Antony of Egypt)

Up at 0445 and on the road southbound at 0525. Arrived at Green Mazda in Springfield at 0845, checked the YFNBmobile in for a service appointment, and was ferried to the office by Canon Evans, who met me at the dealership. Processed a few issues with him, one of the most “visible” of which was a pile of books and other materials on the conference room table, where they had been placed so the walls could be painted. We’re leveraging the staff change to take care of some needed capital maintenance. Most of the books, along with the state-of-the-art 1995 AV equipment should be re-homed, and we are taking step to do so. Then, from 10 to noon, two diocesan priests and I conversed withe a candidate for ordination in order to certify that he has indeed been trained in the areas prescribed by the canons. We determined that he has. Fr Ashmore, one of the examiners, drove me down to get my car, and after a trip through the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A, I kept a 1:15 blood donation appointment. That put me back at the office an hour later, where I spent the rest of the afternoon clearing out my email inbox, my physical inbox, organizing the tasks that were already awaiting me, and actually engaging three or four of them. Met briefly with the Dean about the SKCM Mass. Evening Prayer in the cathedral. Braved the freezing rain for dinner at Friday’s.


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