Friday (Ss Timothy & Titus)

  • If I get home from a trip right at bedtime, as I did last night, I still need a winding down period (usually in front of some non-mentally demanding TV) before I can actually go to bed. So I allowed myself a bit of extra time this morning to get up and going. In the office around 9:30.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral chapel.
  • Responded to one of our clergy over an administrative issue having to do with the effect of one of our new canons.
  • Reached out by phone to Mother Beth Maynard, rector of Emmanuel, Champaign, where they’ve had quite a week. She reports that the odor of smoke in the church and parish hall has been successfully ameliorated, and they are planning a full slate of activities for the weekend. #couldhavebeenmuchworse
  • Dealt with two more financial/administrative issues: one having to do with our companion diocese of Tabora, and the other having to do with getting some training for our diocesan exorcist, Fr Andy Hook.
  • Back to draining a small administrative swamp that has consumed a bit of my time each of the last three days. You can tell it’s getting serious when I create a spreadsheet, because spreadsheets really aren’t my thing.
  • Home for lunch: leftovers.
  • Kept a 1:15 physical therapy appointment. This young lady has, I think, done wonders for me in three visits.
  • Back at home for the afternoon: checked in online for a flight Brenda and I are boarding tomorrow morning.
  • Took care of a small task related to the upcoming clergy retreat.
  • Dealt with a request for a change in my visitation calendar.
  • Spent the rest of the day working on getting ready for a small “holiday” Brenda and I are taking together (in a warm climate) for the next week. So I’ll be going dark in this venue until Saturday, February 3. See you on the other side.
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