Friday (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

  • Usual weekday routine; MP in the cathedral.
  • Conferred with the Interim Provost in his office on a range of matters.
  • Conferred for a bit with the Archdeacon on a different range of matters. Utilized his notary status to execute some documents in connection with a real estate financing transaction one of our parishes in engaging in.
  • Had a surprisingly positive telephone customer service interaction with United Airlines, whereby they rectified the problem caused by my inability to distinguish between AM and PM when booking air travel, and made the necessary reservation change without charging and arm and a leg–or anything, for that matter. I think the fact that I’m a pretty regular and loyal customer may have helped.
  • Tied up the loose ends and otherwise refined, then printed, a working text for this Sunday’s homily–two Masses at St Matthew’s, Bloomington.
  • Ran an errand, missed a turn, got caught by a train, and eventually got home for lunch.
  • Replied via email to a couple of substantive issues raised by two of our clergy.
  • Reworked the illustrations and otherwise freshened up the draft of a “previously delivered” homily for Advent IV, to be given–as if for the first time, of course–at St Barnabas’, Havana.
  • Took a longish walk on a fine day for it–over to Spring Street, then northbound, jogging over to First when necessary, as far as Madison, then back down Second to the office. Racked up some good steps on the pedometer.
  • Fleshed out a rough draft, then refined it sufficiently to submit to the editor of the Covenant blog an article that should appear next week. A teaser: It mentions Bill Cosby.
  • Prayed the Joyful Mysteries of the rosary at my office shrine, followed by Evening Prayer in the same location.
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