Friday (Oscar Romero)

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Signed and sealed the ordination certificate for Tim Leighton’s being made a deacon tomorrow morning. This is a fine art at which I seem to have become proficient enough of late to get it done on one try. (We print three copies to allow for mishaps.)
  • Took a substantive phone call regarding some personal/family business.
  • Devoted the rest of the morning to creating a rough draft of my homily for Lent V (St Andrew’s, Carbondale)–with a break for a walk over to Fifth, down to South Grand, back to Second and up.
  • Lunch from MJ’s, a new soul food carry out place on South Grand. (I didn’t order their shrimp and grits this time, but I did notice on the menu for future reference.)
  • Conducted a substantive phone interview with a very promising candidate for a position that is part-time in a parish and part-time on diocesan staff for mission strategy development. Followed up with a detailed email to the relevant Senior Warden. The ball is rolling.
  • Worked on some details pertaining to some folks in the ordination process, taking a break for a walk west on Lawrence to Walnut, up Walnut to Monroe, over the Second and back down. Synergized by doing a Lectio Divina on the OT daily office reading for tomorrow’s feast of the Annunciation. With the help of the BCP app on my phone, it worked quite well.
  • Took care of a few more small bits of administrivia.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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