Friday (Martyrs of Japan)

  • My day began with a 9am cardiology appointment. It was a routine annual post-surgical follow-up. In the office by around 10.
  • Followed through via email with an individual in the ordination process.
  • Spent some initial prayerful time with the readings appointed for the Second Sunday of Easter, in preparation for preaching at Trinity Church, Yazoo City, MS, which I take care of under the Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight arrangement.
  • Substantive phone conversation with a sales representative of another church management software vendor. Still hunting for the best database solution for us.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Plotted the various individual tasks necessary to make sure the annual Chrism Mass happens appropriately on March 19.
  • Spent a “holy hour” in prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Not by intention, but some of it turned out to be in the spirit of Psalm 131.
  • Rough-planned the first of my Lenten teaching series presentations at Trinity, Lincoln on February 17.
  • Attended to a bit of business connected to my membership on the board of Forward Movement.
  • Processed the ever-growing pile of diocesan newsletters, Lenten meditation collections, and the like that always threatens to cover my desk.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral–a bit on the early side, for a change. In the car toward home before 5pm.
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