Friday (Martyrs of Lyons)

  • Task planning at home.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Conferred with the Administrator briefly over a couple of issues.
  • Returned a call from my doctor’s office; they needed to reschedule an appointment.
  • Met for a while with Paige, our new Communications Coordinator, trying to figure out together the details of her job. We know the broad strokes, but the daily workflow is something we need to invent.
  • Spoke by phone with a priest from another diocese concerning “national church” issues.
  • Spoke by conference call with two lay leaders from one of our Eucharistic Communities.
  • Refined and printed my homily for this Sunday (Redeemer, Cairo).
  • Ran a personal errand before grabbing lunch at McD’s and eating it at home.
  • Put something up on the website about Paige starting with us, and linked to it on the diocesan Facebook page. From now on, that her job!
  • Time for more multi-tasking: Took a walk (not a brisk one, given the heat) down Spring to South Grand, then back up Second, all the while doing an Ignatian-style meditation on the daily office gospel reading from Luke about Martha being cross with Jesus about Mary. I took some comfort from the fact that I was indeed doing the “one thing needful.”
  • Per the request of the Bishop of Tabora, arranged (via e-chat with a distributor) to purchase a “bunch” (not a technical term) of clergy collars that I can bring with me to Tanzania later this month, for use by his clergy.
  • Planned music for the six instances of Evening Prayer/Evensong at the St Michael’s Youth Conference.
  • Made an necessary executive decision that there isn’t time for handwritten notes to clergy and spouses with June birthdays and anniversaries. I will try to email the clergy with ordination anniversaries (June is a big month for that).
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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