Friday (John Henry Hobart)

  • Morning Prayer in my office (since the pavement between the Roundhouse and the cathedral entrance was coned off for sealing … though that project was left uncompleted because of the incipient rain).
  • Took a phone call from a lay leader in one of our parishes, with the news she has been diagnosed with ALS. Sobering beyond words. She and those who love her are about to walk the way of the cross. I pray they indeed find it to be the way of life and peace.
  • Took care of some Nashotah-related administrative detritus (which will be ramping up as we head toward an October board meeting). Began to review some documents produced by one of the board committees.
  • Spoke by phone with a colleague bishop regarding some Living Church Foundation business.
  • Took a call from one of our clergy wanting to unpack further on the meeting we had yesterday.
  • Spent a (scheduled) hour on the phone with a consultant to the Nashotah House board and administration. His particular area of expertise is what will keep our accrediting agency happy about what we’re doing, and his help is invaluable.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • With the help of some information compiled by Fr Evans, I prepared a brief “talking point” narrative about the need for and the budget implications of hiring a Canon for Mission Development as a new diocesan staff position. Sent this out to the Rural Deans.
  • Reviewed and commented on a second draft of the synod liturgy booklet.
  • Finished reviewing and offered email feedback on the Nashotah trustee committee documents I began looking at in the morning.
  • Conceived a homily for the institution of Mother Beth Maynard as rector of Emmanuel, Champaign on 18 October. Now it needs to gestate and grow.
  • Brief two square block walk outside.
  • Drafted and sent a memo to all the committee chairs of the Nashotah trustees. Traded several emails with the Secretary of the trustees and the Dean’s personal secretary over board meeting logistics.
  • Took care of some dangling items of administrivia.
  • Friday prayer: Spent about 30 minutes sitting back and listening via YouTube to anthems and hymns from the choir of King’s College, Cambridge.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • The 88 tasks I mentioned on Tuesday morning are now down to 33. Most of them will get carried over to next week, It could have been worse.
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