Friday (James DeKoven)

  • Route early morning for an “office” day–dressed an across the alley for Morning Prayer in the cathedral around 0745, then a fast-food breakfast (chicken biscuit at Hardee’s this time).
  • Substantive debrief with the Archdeacon on several issues.
  • Played with hot wax: Signed and sealed the certificates for Sunday’s ordination of transitional deacons.
  • G0t to work drafting a paragraph of feedback to each of the Eucharistic Communities that submitted canonical Mission Strategy Reports, based on notes I made with the Department of Mission met and reviewed them last month. The comments are not being vetted with the members of the department before being sent out.
  • Broke off from this a little before noon to grab some lunch from Chick-Fil-A. While on route, had a serious pastoral conversation by phone with a lay person whose spouse has received a life-threatening diagnosis. Rather heartbreaking.
  • Ran a short personal errand.
  • Back to the MSR responses.
  • Friday prayer: Lectio divina on the OT reading from tomorrow’s daily office lectionary.
  • Prayed over, then took a first homiletical drive-by of the readings for the Second Sunday of Easter (St Andrew’s, Edwardsville).
  • Met with an individual who is in the process of discernment for Holy Orders.
  • Long walk around the perimeter of downtown Springfield, then a late Evening Prayer in the cathedral (with the window over the high altar ablaze with the setting sun), before heading out to Friday’s for some dinner.


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