Friday (Henry Martyn)

  • Up and out of the Abraham Lincoln Doubletree with Brenda and down to the cathedral-office complex by around 0830.
  • Last minute consultations with the Archdeacon and the Administrator over the soon-to-begin diocesan synod.
  • Attended to some final details pertaining to the synod Mass. Flitted back and forth several times between the office, the cathedral, and the synod venue next door in the other direction.
  • Met with the Standing Committee at 1100 to seek their advice and counsel over a quite serious and immediately looming concern.
  • Stepped out with Brenda for some tacos down at a taco truck on South Grand.
  • Brought the gavel down on synod at 1:30. Recessed around 4:00, having accomplished about 95% of our total agenda.
  • Celebrated and preached the liturgy, keeping the lesser feast of Henry Martyn, who was certainly not “lesser” in his saintly witness.
  • Enjoyed the post-liturgical banquet, and retired back to the Doubletree, where I took about 30 minutes to meet with some folks about Cursillo.
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