Friday (George Selwyn)

  • After deciding that some of the tasks tagged “this week” are really more organically appropriate to weeks in the future, and adding three that were generated yesterday, there were 31 actions to choose from, I optimistically selected 11 for the potential honor of being checked off today.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Attended to a small detail pertaining to the Chrism Mass.
  • Attended to a more time-consuming detail pertaining to the Good Friday liturgy … time-consuming because it involved using some music publishing software that I used to be familiar with, but which has a steep learning curve if one lets one’s skills get rusty.
  • Conceived, hatched, and put some meat on the bones of a sermon for Easter–Vigil and Morning.
  • Lunch from China One, eaten at home.
  • Processed a considerable pile in my physical inbox–mostly by scanning, which, in turn, generated a handful of emails and secondary tasks.
  • Friday prayer time: Listening to Tomas Luis de Victoria’s setting of the Good Friday Reproaches.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • I felt like it was difficult to get traction today. Easily distractible. Maybe tired from a pretty full week. Only accomplished four of the eleven items marked for today.
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