Friday (David Pendleton Oakerhater)

  • Attended 8am MP & Mass in St Mary’s Chapel, Nashotah House
  • Went to breakfast in the refectory.
  • Met with the Director of Institutional Research
  • Mett with the Dean of Finance & Administration
  • Ht the road southbound around 10:30. While en route, kept a phone date with someone doing fundraising feasibility research for the possible establishment of an Anglican Centre in Santiago de Compostela.
  • Got home around 3:00. Unpacked, changed clothes, caught up on email.
  • At Brenda’s insistence, made yet another visit to the urgent care clinic. Over the past six days I have developed “angry” insect bite sites on my arms and legs that are getting worse rather than better. A couple of them look infected. So I’m on a course of oral antibiotics, and have two topical ointments (one steroidal, one not–the latter for use on broken skin). Never a dull moment.
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