Friday (Charles Henry Brent)

  • The cathedral area was already a beehive of activity by the time I arrived, so Morning Prayer happened in the office, and even then, not without interruptions.
  • Conferred with Bonnie in the cathedral office, took some of the load off her desk and got her pointed in a good direction with respect to what was left.
  • Helped a couple of members of the Altar Guild with the beginning preparation for reconfiguring the liturgical space for the Chrism Mass and Holy Week.
  • Got started on laying the broad strokes for my next editorial deadline on the Covenant blog.
  • Met with Nichol del Giorno, cathedral music director, to review some Chrism Mass and Holy Week details.
  • Returned to the cathedral to continue with the necessary furniture moving and related preparations.
  • Finished my Covenant blog project.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Began to look at some Nashotah House materials in early preparation for May’s board meeting.
  • Ran off to an appointment with my cardiologist, following up on the drama from earlier in the month.
  • Back to the Nashotah project.
  • Formulated some strategy relative to a couple of people in the ordination process.
  • Took my exegetical notes on the propers for Easter III to the stage of a developed outline.
  • Turned my attention to Easter V, spending more quality time with the readings and charting a plausible path toward a homiletical message.
  • In the cathedral, prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary … then Evening Prayer.
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