• Usual routine at home. Then off to the Secretary of State’s driver services facility (known in some states as DMV) to atone for my carelessness and get a duplicate of the registation renewal and license plate sticker that were paid for but lost. For a price, of course.
  • Took a phone call from a UTO staffer responding to my cries for help from last week when I was a victim of their buggy website for submitting grant applications. It took me about 30 minutes to reconstruct the long online application, but this time it went through. Application submitted (on behalf of the Diocese of Tabora).
  • Wrote a note of thanks (via email) to Bishop Braxton of the (Roman Catholic) Diocese of Belleville for the time he spent with us Wednesday morning at the end of our clergy retreat. At his request, I also emailed a photo of the two of us together to his administrator.
  • Processed a load of emails.
  • Lunch at home.
  • The afternoon was an exercise in patience. When I got my car serviced yesterday I was told that the right rear tire has a slow but irreparable leak. Since I already have 49,000 miles on them, I thought I would get two new ones and try to squeeze another 5-10K miles out of the others. So I “stopped by” a tire store near where we live, thinking I could get this done and still make it back into the office for an honest afternoon’s worth of work. It was not to be. Four tires and a wheel alignment later, I got back to the office at nearly 5pm. I was not happy.
  • Within an hour back at my desk, I flesh out an already-begun rough version of a sermon for Ash Wednesday, and sketched the second of five address for the priests retreat in the Diocese of Albany in April. Evening Prayer in the office.
  • Had dinner with Brenda and three Nashotah House seminarians who are in town to meet with our Commission on Ministry tomorrow. Due to the crazy circumstances in the church these days, we are adopting them midstream.
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