• Task planning at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Conferred with the Archdeacon at some length about about an ongoing issue in one of our parishes.
  • Conferred with Paige a bit, making sure she’s on track in her work as my vacation begins.
  • Met for nearly an hour with two clergy members of the Standing Committee over the same issue referenced above.
  • Spoke by phone with a priest of the diocese … over the same issue that has dominated the morning.
  • Refined and formatted the draft Mission Strategy Report form that all Eucharistic Communities are now required to submit annually. Vetted it by email with a select group of rectors to get their input before going live with it.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Wrote out notes to clergy and spouses with August nodal events (birthdays, wedding anniversaries, ordination anniversaries).
  • Met with the Administrator and the Archdeacon over some detritus from yesterday’s Finance Department meeting.
  • Friday prayer: Lectio divina on today’s office OT reading.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Scanned and otherwise processed accumulated hard copy.
  • Responded to those who had replied to a message I sent to the clergy earlier in the week asking for volunteers for the position of Ecumenical Officer. (It looks like we’re going to form a four-person Task Force rather than appoint a single EO).
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