The goal was to have something of a “normal” day, but it was not to be. Consulted with Sue regarding several details of next weekend’s annual synod. Slipped into the cathedral for some short devotions. Produced a working draft of a homily for this weekend (Cairo and Harrisburg). Welcomed my Roman Catholic counterpart, Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, to the diocesan office and took him on a quick tour of the St Paul’s Cathedral. We then walked up to the eatery Obed & Isaac’s on 6th Street for a nice lunch, after which he reciprocated the hospitality and showed me around Immaculate Conception Cathedral and his private residence on the third floor of the rectory. It had been my hope for some time to meet him, and I’m glad we were able to connect. I then dashed off to my primary care physician to consult over my recent kidney stone attacks. As soon as I got back to the office, around 3:30, I felt another one coming on, so I drove home to where my supply of pain-killing pills is. Happily, the attack never got traction. 
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