• A “normal” weekday morning, except that I had trouble getting my mind, body, and spirit firing on all cylinders. Maybe I should start drinking coffee late in life. Maybe I’ve been working too hard and this was a sign that I need to slow down. Who knows?
  • Once my engines were revving, around 10am, I conferred with the Archdeacon on my meeting in Jacksonville last night, and attended to a task related to one of our seminarians.
  • Took care of a small piece of Nashotah-related business.
  • Spent the rest of the morning on taking the broad strokes of my Synod address to “rough draft” status.
  • Lunch from Hardee’s, eaten at home.
  • Returned to my Synod address, eventually completing the task by mid-afternoon.
  • Updated the status report on everyone involved in any way with the ordination process. Sent by email to the chair of the Commission on Ministry and the Archdeacon.
  • Conceived, hatched, and drafted a homily for St Luke’s Day, to be delivered at St Luke’s Church (Springfield) on the 18th.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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