• Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Got to work putting meat on the bones of a sermon outline for Proper 11 (the 19th at St Mark’s, West Frankfort).
  • Took a returned phone call from one of our rectors to discuss a potential ministry initiative,
  • Kept a scheduled phone date with the Archbishop of Calgary, and old friend and seminary classmate, who was one of my co-consecrators.
  • Put the finishing touches on the aforementioned sermon draft in time to keep a lunch date with the cathedral Provost, Fr Hook, along with Brenda and Bishop Mike and Kathy Milliken of Western Kansas. Bishop Milliken is in town to preach this evening at the Celebration of a New Ministry for Fr Hook.
  • Visited a bit with the Millikens in my office. He and are are “classmates,” in that we were both elected in 2010, and have formed pretty tight bonds with our ten colleagiues and their spouses.
  • Got to work playing with hot wax for Fr Hook’s certificate on induction. An annoying (because mostly unavoidable) accident led to me placing my open hand on a hot stove burner. I had it under a stream of cold water before it even began to hurt, but it was not an inconsequential burn. After getting the certificate sealed, I drove home to retrieve some medication. Kept applying ice, which removed the pain as long as the ice was applied.
  • Took two sermon message statements–Proper 17 (St Mary’s, Robinson) and Proper 19 (St John’s, Decatur) to the stage of developed outline.
  • Prepared for and ran the rehearsal for tonight’s institution liturgy.
  • Presided at said liturgy. Went to a pre-arranged dinner to celebrate the occasion afterward. Everyone seems happy.
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