Another earlyish start to the day–7:30 committee meetings. See my account of all the substantive action here.

The highlight of the day for me was an opportunity to meet with about a dozen or so youth from the Dioceses of West Missouri and Kansas, along with three of their adult leaders. They were all involved in last night’s Twitterstorm (though not themsleves part of the General Convention Youth Presence). It was a gracious and lively and generous conversation, and if there’s any redeeming grace to come from my error in judgment in tweeting out what I did last night, it was found here. We prayed together, I gave them a blessing, and we left feeling like we had been visited by the Holy Spirit.

Lunch was a working meeting once again. I hosted the Communion Partner bishops in the suite Brenda and I are staying in, and Brenda arranged for room service to have lunch brought in. We discussed various tactical issues regarding upcoming legislation.

It was a great gift that both the afternoon committee meeting and the later afternoon legislative session both adjourned ahead of schedule. Such extra moments of down time are more welcome than I can say in the midst of such a relentless schedule.

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