• I’m not a statement-maker on current events  (it usually strikes me as pretentious when my colleagues do it), but, since I have a DEPO relationship with a parish in Charleston, and with an email nudge from one of my clergy, I took the time while still at home to post something on the website and share it on social media.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • I’m celebrating Mass, and preaching, both tomorrow and Sunday at this year’s Cursillo weekend, so I prayed over the relevant readings and put some thoughts together in my head.
  • I’m also preaching at the cathedral in Lima (Peru) on July, so I did the same thing with respect to that occasion. This one, however, I till take the time to flesh out more fully when I get back from General Convention.
  • Watched the video presentations of each of the four candidates for Presiding Bishop. I believe they all love the Lord Jesus sincerely and endeavor to be his disciples. Three of them have rather too much “it’s God’s mission to make the world a better place” realized eschatology (Google it) for my tastes. One doesn’t. That one will get my vote on the first ballot. After that, realpolitik will enter the state.
  • Lunch at home; leftovers.
  • I spent most of the afternoon in my office, reading the official pre-convention publication known as the Blue Book (only it hasn’t been blue for quite a while, and it’s no longer even a book, but a document accessible through an internet link). When I say “read,” I use the term loosely, since it’s huge, and there was time to only skim the headlines and drill down in various locations that particularly interested me. The endeavor served to confirm what I already concluded, that we are infested with a morass of systemic complexity and bureaucracy that is choking out our institutional life. We could adopt astonishing cutbacks of program, staff, and infrastructure, and come out healthier, more vital, and with more human and financial resources to devote to mission and ministry. This will happen either because we choose to make it happen, or it will happen *to* us via events we do not control. Either way, it will happen.
  • Spent some quality time with the Hymnal 1940 at the console of the cathedral organ. This is one of the ways I pray.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • After dinner, drove down to Columbia, IL, where I’m a stone’s throw from Toddhall Retreat Center and tomorrow’s Cursillo activities.
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