Morning Prayer in the cathedral.

Three substantive meetings today:

  • Father Dick Swan and Camp Board chair Dave Lattan. We discussed some administrative and policy issues related to the summer camping program for children and youth that we operate jointly with the Anglican Church in North American Diocese of Quincy.
  • Father Dale Coleman of St George’s, Belleville. We discussed some administrative and policy challenges and opportunities facing the leadership of St George’s.
  • Father Keith Roderick of St Andrew’s, Carbondale and dean of the Hale Deanery. We discussed some broad concerns related to our mission in the southernmost part of the diocese.

Between these appointments, I managed to produce a rough draft of my homily for Proper 23 (Cairo and Harrisburg, weekend after next).

Friday prayers: Lectio divina on tomorrow’s daily office reading from Hosea.

Evening Prayer in the office.

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