Still taking things at a dialed-back holiday pace … stopped by the cathedral-office complex to retrieve some vestments, say some prayers, interact briefly with three people, listen to some voicemail and respond by email … visited Fr Gus Franklin in St John’s Hospital, where he’s recovering well from major surgery earlier in the week … a few personal errands … by mid-afternoon, it was time to pack the YFNBmobile with appropriate paraphernalia and point it east in the direction of Champaign. After depositing our son and his wife at the Amtrak station for their trip back home to Chicago, all the action was at Emmanuel, where it was great fun to ordain Cameron Nations to the transitional diaconate. We were back home at 10:45, a decent hour.

Tomorrow, the National Weather Service and the FAA permitting, our plan is to fly to the Orlando area for some extended family time until the middle of next week. We’ll see you again in this venue on Thursday the 8th.

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