• Daily organization at home; Morning Prayer in the office.
  • Took another stab at nailing down dates for the winter meeting of the Nashotah trustees, this time with some success, I think.
  • Sent out yet another feeler (my fifth) to yet another potential conductor for the clergy pre-Lenten retreat in February. I may end up yet having to do it myself, which would not be completely a bad thing. But I’m going to keep trying.
  • Made some concrete plans to encourage clergy who have not been on a Cursillo weekend to consider attending the next one, coming up in June.
  • Reviewed the canonical requirements and General Convention resolutions on anti-racism training, alongside our own practices. Made some mental notes.
  • Got to work seriously on my 2015 visitation calendar.
  • Visited for a while with Fr Mark Evans, who was in the area on other business, but stopped in.
  • Lunch at home. Leftover Indian food.
  • Continued working on my calendar, and brought to project to tentative completion.
  • Took a photo enlargement of a group gathered on the steps of Tabora cathedral nearly a year ago to arrange for its framing. I deemed it suitable for such.
  • Reviewed notes for a session of last spring’s Lenten teaching series that didn’t get recorded when I actually delivered it at St John’s, Decatur, so I need to re-record it. Hope it happens next week.
  • Left the office early to go by the grocery store and pick up some items Brenda needed for the dinner she was fixing at our home for a group of clergy spouses and their retreat conductor.
  • Play host and kitchen helper for the dinner, between rounds of answering the door for Hallowe’en revelers.
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