Another day consumed by funeral-driven triage:

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Looked in on Bonnie in the cathedral office just to see how she was doing. It’s been an inordinately stressful week for her.
  • Through many dangers, toils, and snares, we completed the liturgy booklet for Fr Roderick’s funeral on Monday. The problem lay in the fact that neither the diocesan office nor the cathedral office is accustomed to producing such things–complicated by the fact that my Mac doesn’t always play precisely nicely with everyone else’s Windows devices, and the process for downloading service music graphics files from Church Publishing is the most counter-intuitive piece of technology I have ever encountered. There was probably a more elegant way of doing what we did if we had time to master the learning curve, but Sue was able to take a ZIP drive to the printer down the street a little past noon. Jeesh.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Made phone calls to a couple of non-Episcopal clergy who had long relationships with Fr Roderick to invite them to places of honor at the liturgy on Monday.
  • Called MaryBeth Roderick, just to check in pastorally, and cover a couple of detail questions.
  • Drafted a charge to the yet-to-be-formed committee of the Nashotah House board whose mission it will be to present a nominee to the trustees for election as the next Dean and President. It’s now be vetted with the other officers of the board.
  • Attended to a couple of small and blessedly normal administrative matters having to do neither with funeral planning nor Nashotah House. Amazing.
  • Met with the two wardens of the cathedral, just to get on the same page in approaching the “life goes on” aspect of a leader’s departure. Neither of them signed on for this, but I believe they will rise to the occasion.
  • Met briefly with J.B. George, cathedral organist and choirmaster, regarding some details of Monday’s service.
  • Prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary in my office. Stayed there to offer Evening Prayer.
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