• Still dealing with a barrage of emails and social media material regarding the Nashotah House situation. I’m experiencing the special agony of leadership, which lies not in the necessity of opposing one’s enemies, but in the inevitability of disappointing one’s friends.
  • Both Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer were victims of the angst today. As soon as I arrived at the office-cathedral complex, I got busy preparing for the 10am Mass ahead of the quarterly meeting of Diocesan Council. Managed to also look at a few emails before it was time to go get vested.
  • Presided and preached a votive Mass “For the Mission of the Church (1)”.
  • Presided at a productive and healthy meeting of Diocesan Council.
  • Attended a fairly brief meeting of the Standing Committee.
  • Attended a joint meeting of the Standing Committee and the Commission on Ministry for the purposed of interviewing middler seminarian Cameron Nations (and his wife Carly), who was applying to be advanced from postulancy to candidacy.
  • As the two bodies deliberated separately, I visited with Cameron and Carly in my office. But the deliberations did not take long, and I was able to give him the good news that he is now a candidate.
  • But this time it was 2pm. My introversion was thoroughly taxed and I hadn’t had lunch yet. Drove to KFC by way of Illinois National Bank downtown to make a deposit. Lunch at home.
  • Back in the office around 3. Spent the better part of the next three hours, when I wasn’t dealing with emails, working on a written response to several Nashotah board members regarding a difficult and sensitive issue.
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