Friday (Ss Cyril & Methodius)

  • Morning Prayer at home.
  • En route to the office, and for a while in the parking lot, scheduled phone conversation with the Vice-Chairman of the Nashotah board of trustees, Bishop Ackerman.
  • Attended to a matter related to next week’s quarterly meeting of the Diocesan Council.
  • Followed up on a potential opportunity to help one of our companion dioceses obtain a much-needed grant.
  • Searched for (with some creativity), found, and began reviewing my notes from the fifth and final session of last Lent’s teaching series at St Matthew’s, Bloomington. Due to technical difficulties, that one didn’t get recorded, and I need to redo it.
  • Lunch at home–leftovers. Having checked the weather radar and determined that the snowstorm was essentially over, I fired up the snowblower and cleared the driveway before heading back to the office.
  • Continued review and preparation for recording a re-do of session five of Reading the Bible for Dummies.
  • Set the stage and did the deed. Had to do it in two takes, as the recorder simply quit about 18 minutes in. I’m lucky I got that much accomplished because the camcorder is wonky, and I still haven’t been able to download the file to my computer for editing. Glad we bought the extra warranty.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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