• Up and into the polar vortex cold at the usual hour, this time with our houseguest, Fr Nadeem, in tow. Morning Prayer with him in the cathedral.
  • Processed my physical inbox–mostly scanning, sometimes leading to secondary tasks.
  • Listened to my voicemail and returned a call.
  • Took Fr Nadeem to Walgreen’s in search of some over-the-counter remedies for his cold symptoms.
  • Attacked the learning curve of the diocesan video camera, which is acting wonky, in an effort to make sure I have clean memory cards and charged batteries for Fr Nadeem’s Sunday evening presentation at the cathedral. Concurrently with this, while waiting for various electronic processes to play out, I began to organize in my mind a pastoral word about baptism for the website.
  • Lunch with Fr Nadeem at Gateway to India. There are enough similarities between Pakistani and Indian cuisine that it was veritable “comfort food” for him, and he was noticeably energized!
  • Continued with both projects begun in the morning. See the word on baptism and drowning here.
  • Prayed the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, and the evening office, in the cathedral.
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