What’s amazing to me about complicated travel plans is not how much goes wrong but how little goes wrong. Brenda left Springfield on the 6:30am northbound train, which actually departed at 7:15. About that same time, I drove off the Nashotah House campus after last night’s glorious ordination of Ben Hankinson to the transitional diaconate. I met Brenda as she emerged from the train in Chicago Union Station right around 11. We drove out to O’Hare, parked in “Economy Lot” F, took a shuttle bus, then an airport train to the United terminal, and checked in. My boarding pass was marked “TSA Pre,” which means I get through security very quickly. Alas, Brenda’s was not similarly marked, and it seemed to take forever for her to get through, at which time we were barely more than 20 minutes from scheduled departure, still a good way from our gate, and Brenda’s feet hurting from a regrettable choice of shoes when she left home. But when we got to the gate, huffing and puffing, we learned the flight was delayed, so we got a chance to hang out and chill out for about another 20 minutes. Once aboard, it was a smooth flight to Charleston, SC, where I am spending the weekend visiting my DEPO parish of Holy Communion. It was 59 degrees when we landed, 52 degrees warmer than the air that greeted me when I stepped out of my lodging at Nashotah. So when the rental car people asked if I would like a Chrysler Sebring convertible at no extra charge, I was in a mood to say Yes! After battling Friday rush hour traffic coming in from the airport, we settled in at the Hampton Inn Historic District and enjoyed a nice dinner at 39 Rue Jean, just two doors west from the hotel. Looking forward to a great weekend.

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