• Morning Prayer at home.
  • Began preparing for the Eucharist I had promised to celebrate for tonight’s Youth Department lockin: identified the propers, printed out the readings, prepared for the Prayers of the People.
  • After tending to some relatively minor administrative details, headed out at 10:30 toward Decatur.
  • Met with Fr Swan in his office at St John’s. Then we went to lunch at Lock, Stock, & Barrell near the Millikin University campus. I’m doing the teaching component of the midweek Lenten programs this year, so this was an opportunity to sketch the broad strokes.
  • Returned to the office a little past 2pm and continued with my liturgical preparations: setting up the room (the Great Hall at the cathedral), thinking through some of the physical details of the liturgy, and roughing out a homily in my head.
  • Processed some emails as they arrived.
  • Brought to maturity a rough draft of the sermon that has been gestating for Epiphany II (to be given the 19th of this month at Christ Church, Springfield).
  • Friday Prayer: the Joyful Mysteries of the rosary.
  • Presided at the Eucharist I had been preparing.
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