• Usual weekday early AM routine.
  • Dialed in to a conference call meeting of the Society of King Charles the Martyr board.
  • Processed accumulated emails. Made an aspirational task list for the day,
  • Focused on a handful of clergy retreat, Living Church, and clergy deployment issues.
  • Lunched on leftovers from Brenda’s birthday dinner last night.
  • Dialed in to a Zoom video conference call, along with Fr Newago, as we investigate a potential mission strategy resource.
  • For my Friday special devotion: did a lectio divina on tomorrow’s Old Testament daily office reading.
  • Worked out on the treadmill.
  • Got organized a packed for an overnight trip.
  • Stepped out to lick up some delicious brisket tacos for dinner.
  • Hit the road with Brenda at about 7 :15. We arrived at Mattoon’s Hampton Inn about three hours later. On to Mt Carmel in the morning.
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