Taking stock of the fact that I’m relatively on top of my task list, I spared myself the trauma of an 0-dark thirty departure this morning and left for Springfield at a more civilized 0930, which put me in the office at 1pm. Much of the afternoon, in intermittent spurts, was devoted to catching up on one thing or another with Canon Evans. A more cohesive chunk of time was devoted to a trip to the local Drivers Services office to renew the registration on the YFNBmobile and get another license plan sticker, the old one expiring after today. I had actually already done this, but somehow misplaced the items. Now all is good. Did some last minute chores pertaining to tomorrow’s SKCM Mass. Engaged in one of my devotional practices, which involves sitting down at a piano or organ keyboard and playing through hymns, giving myself ample opportunity to meditate on the texts. Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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