• Usual weekday morning routine, at just a slightly slower tempo.
  • When I finally got settled in at my desk, the first item on my task list was to process about a dozen emails. When I went home for lunch at noon, that task had not yet been completed, though I did take some time out to put wax seals on two ordination certificates for next week, and on a Letter of Institution for this evening.
  • Lunch from LaBamba (“burritos as big as your head”, but I ordered chicken tacos and pork enchiladas to share with Brenda).
  • As part of my “ease in gently” program, I didn’t go back into the office, but indulged in a nice nap. Then I got back to the emails (with more having arrived by this time).
  • At 3:30, it was time to gather vestments, through them in the car, and hit the road for Champaign.
  • The Celebration of New Ministry for Fr Sean Ferrell at the Chapel of St John the Divine began at 6pm. Matthias anthem, Elgar Te Deum, soaring treble descants, and an organ sounding like an organ should sound–all in a night’s work. Seriously, the English cathedral tradition is alive and well in Champaign, Illinois.
  • Back home right at the stroke of 11.
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