Friday (C.S. Lewis)

With Brenda still hospitalized, attended by our oldest daughter, I headed south at 0510 this morning, and arrived at the diocesan office at 0830. Prepared to preside and preach at the Diocesan Council Mass, and got some things in order for the meeting. Did the liturgy (keeping the lesser feast of C.S. Lewis), then did the meeting. It was productive and fruitful. Kept a lunch engagement with the President of the Standing Committee. Enjoyed another two-hour tutorial session in pastoral liturgy with one of our ordinands. Got a call from my son with the news that Brenda had been discharged and was back at home, but still not quite capable of being left completely on her own there, so, to relieve my generous children, made the decision to drive back to Chicago. Arrived around 8:30. Still planning on keeping engagements in Marion and Carbondale tomorrow evening and Sunday.

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