• Broke camp in my office and headed across the alley for Morning Prayer around 0730.
  • With a stop at the McD’s drive-thru, took the YFNBmobile down to Green Mazda and dropped it off for scheduled maintenance. Caught an Uber back to the office.
  • Culled hard-copy accumulation, processed email, triaged tasks, and otherwise organized my day.
  • Attended the regular semi-annual meeting of the diocesan trustees.
  • Went to lunch with Fr Mark Evans. We walked over to Obed & lsaac’s.
  • Sat down to process email and got a phone call from the Mazda dealer saying my car was ready. Fr Evans drove me down there to get it.
  • Met for two hours with three clergy of the diocese for a second go-round of mystagogy, extending what we explored on the clergy retreat in February. There will be more. It was a rich time.
  • Prayed the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary in the cathedral (each of which is represented by a glorious stained-glass window in the chancel), followed by Evening Prayer.
  • Waled to Joe Gallina’s and had pizza for dinner.
  • Addressed an administrative issue by email.
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