• Usual morning routine for a Friday when I’m doing an office encampment: up and prepped, Morning Prayer in the cathedral, McD’s drive-through (too cold for any walking today), and back at the office by 0820 or so.
  • A stray comment by the Administrator alerted me to the possibility that my email client was once again having issues, as it seems to do periodically, with my diocesan email account, and, sure enough, while I have been able to send *from* it, I haven’t been getting any inbound messages for about a week. When I logged on directly to the Microsoft 365 portal, there they were–about 12 or 15, all overdue for a response from me. So, instead of patting myself on the back for a relatively modest task list for the day, it instantly expanded to the familiar “more than I can do.”
  • 10am regular meeting of the Department of Finance. There were some necessary chores ahead of tomorrow’s Diocesan Council meeting.
  • Got back to those emails.
  • Lunch from TG, eaten in the office.
  • Back to the emails.
  • The bulk of the afternoon was spent with members of the Department of Mission reviewing the Mission Strategy Reports submitted submitted by the Eucharistic Communities last summer and fall. We will be giving brief feedback on each.
  • Took an incoming phone call from one of our clerics.
  • Prayed the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary in the cathedral (which has a beautiful stained glass window corresponding to each one). Then Evening Prayer.
  • Dinner at Chili’s, then some scanning of accumulated hard-copy items.
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