Sometimes there’s a day that just feels like it never gets traction. This was one of them, though I was probably objectively more productive than I felt. I did manage to get the YFNBmobile service (first scheduled maintenance), meet with a real estate agent to get my former home listed for sale, conduct an annual review with the Communications Coordinator, edit and refine my homily for this Sunday, write notes to clergy and spouses with November birthdays and anniversaries, respond to a slew of emails, process items in my physical inbox, consult with the Archdeacon on a range of items, spend some prayer time at the cathedral organ with the Hymnal 1940, pray both daily offices, and write #19 of an eventual 30 lectionary reflections for Forward Movement, and get over 12,00o steps on my Fitbit. So I guess it wasn’t as bad as it felt.

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