Fresh Spaces for Community at St George’s

by Dawn Jung of St George’s, Belleville

COVID-19 restricted normal gathering in 2020; however, the commitment to growth in faith and spirituality has not diminished within this parish. While some opportunities were halted, new paths of thinking emerged. The opportunity to question and reflect upon our church school and group gathering spaces became a priority.

The Mission Leadership Team authorized the update of the nursery and two classrooms. Freshly painted walls, stylish shades, new flooring, coordinated furniture and new toys have replaced the old. The fresh décor is inviting and a positive reflection of the value we place on our youth. The Florence Martin Education Fund and private donations made this transformation possible. When Sunday school resumes, children will be greeted by excited teachers, beautiful spaces and a new Sunday school curriculum.

With a desire to create a comfortable retreat for adult gatherings in the planning stages, the vision is to transform the former rector’s office into a comfortable meeting room for reunion groups, Bible meetings, the Order of St. Luke, young couples or post high school and college student forums, a bridal dressing room, small church social gatherings, or a quiet reflective space. New flooring and paint, fresh blinds, a sofa, reupholstered arm chairs, oak table and chairs, small refrigerator and coffee machine will offer an inviting space for many to share as they continue their growth in Christ.

Several items in this endeavor have been donated, and we are embarking on a fundraiser for the estimated $5.000.00 which will be needed to to complete the project. May this work support many in their daily life and walk as witnesses to the Lord!