Fourth Sunday of Advent (O Rex Gentium)

It was a humanely-paced morning, as Brenda and I had driven as far as Effingham last night, only an hour away from our Centralia destination, and the regular Sunday liturgy at St John’s doesn’t begin until 1130. So we enjoyed breakfast a Cracker Barrel before heading south. I presided and preached for a lively congregation, with good attendance. St John’s worships with the congregation of Redeemer Lutheran (ELCA), and Fr David Baumann is their common pastor. They either use the BCP rite with Lutheran hymns, or the Lutheran liturgy with Episcopal hymns. Today it was the former. Visited with folks over a potluck lunch, and met for a bit with Fr Baumann and his wife. We were on the road right at 2:00, and arrived home at 6:30.

With Christmas coming up, things everywhere kind of go into low gear. I’m going to take a blogging break for a few days. I’ll continue to work on stuff, but will be spending a lot of time with family, as I hope you will be as well. Catch you in the new year, if not a little sooner.

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