First Sunday in Lent

Knowing that it was predicted to snow during the night, I set my alarm for 0-dark-thirty. Happily, there was only about half an inch of snow on the driveway, and it was more efficiently handled by the push broom than by firing up the snow blower. We were showered, dressed, and wheels on the road by 6:20am, however, en route to the 7:30 early liturgy at St John’s, Decatur. I-72 felt like a private road at that hour, with one lane nicely cleared the whole way there. We duly “beat down Satan under our feet” via the Great Litany opening both services, with some adult class time in between. At the principal Mass we confirmed a young wife and mother of two adorable children. St John’s is a happy place under the fine pastoral leadership of Fr Dick Swan. Since snow began to fall again before 10 o’clock, getting home was more of a challenge. It took a little longer than usual, but we accomplished without incident.

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